Sunday, May 29, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 03

Altough the Volkswagen Beetle was a European car, it became tremendously popluar in South America.
In fact, the Mexico and Brazil still have the highest number of Volkswagen Beetles still in use today.

About Mexico, I will return to this topic later.
For this item, I go to Brazil. The Volkswagen Beetle is known as 'Fusca' in the Portuguese speaking part of South-America.
In 2001, a sheet with 6 stamps was issued. All six stamps show 'old cars' of course, the Beetle Fusca is present.
Other cars on this issue are for example a Renault Gordini, a Simca and a DKW.
detail :
In the border of the sheet, all cars return, just in outline.

Another Latin-American country is the much smaller Guyana.
They issued a similar sheetlet with 'old cars'. Here however the shown cars are much older then the ones on the sheet of Brazil.
In fact, the Volkswagen Beetle is the youngest car that is depicted.
Nevertheless, it's a nice tribute to the Volkswagen, as it figures between the high-class cars of the early 20th century, Mercedes-Benz or even the Rolls-Royce Phantom I.

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