Monday, May 9, 2011

Microstates : 06 Pabay (bogus)

After my previous post on the 'stamps' of Staffa, i could not resist posting another amazing topic for collecting. The 'carriage labels' as they call it of Pabay. 

The Island of Pabay is located 2.5 miles from the village of Broadford on the South side of the Isle of Skye, off the West coast of Scotland. It is 360 acres in size, diamond shaped and predominately flat, the highest point being 28m above sea level with cliffs on the North and East shores.
Pabay consists of heath, dry grassland, herb marsh, salt marsh, woodland remnants and 75 acres of newly planted deciduous and coniferous trees, containing 17 different species. There are 32 different species of wild flowers, 49 different herbs, 40 different grasses, sedges, ferns and rushes. There are also numerous resident otters, seals, 32 breeding bird species and 72 non-breeding birds. There is also a large rabbit population and shrews have been seen.

And, believe me or not, other then the isle of Staffa, Pabay does appear to have a mailbox! At least that's what i discovered and here is the prove :

Apparently, Pabay has been issuing its 'carriage labels' since 1962.
Unfortunatly, my albums are infected with those bogus issues too.
So i can show you one of my proud 'collectors items' as well.

For those who are interested:

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