Saturday, August 17, 2019

Theme : Zodiac signs 16

This post can be considered as controversial, as I am presenting today a set of 'stamps' from Ajman.
Ajman is the smallest of the 7 states within the United Arab Emirates.

map of the United Arab Emirates - source Wikipedia
Ajman issued - officially recognised - stamps in 1964 an 1965. All later issues are to be considered as private issues, or at least not recognised issues.
On top of that, most of Ajmani stamps are CTO, there are numerous variations with unperforated versions, colour (mis-)prints, gold foil prints and so on....

Even after the unification with the other sultanats, Ajman (and the other Emirates) kept on issuing those colourful pagefillers. A fun thing for youngsters to collect, but a no-go for real collectors.
On official exhibitions, you even loose points if Ajman items appear in any official collection.

Yet I'm offering you a set today with 12 st... err.. items on my Zodiac topic collection.

12 Ajman issues on Zodiac signs
For those who like this, or those who cannot throw anything away like me :-)

more, and better to follow....