Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Russian Republics and more ... 01 A Siberian Federal District - Touva 3

The Philatelic Period after 1995

What happened after 1995 ?

A lot of so called 'private issues' has been printed and are available on various 'stamp' sites.
The term 'private issue' is just another way to say : 'illegal issues', 'fake issues' or simply 'cinderellas'.

Just to complete the article on Tuvan stamps, I'm posting this sheet with the most adorable Teletubbies, issued in 1998.
We see, in order of appearance :  Dipsy, Laa-la, Po and Tinky Winky.

Cinderella issue of Tuva 1998

Among those issues, famous persons, wildlife, scouting, WWF, ... and other popular themes can be found.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Russian Republics and more ... 01 A Siberian Federal District - Touva 2b

From 1944 on, after the second World War, the Tuvan People's Republic, became part of the Soviet Union, as an autonomous oblast.
In that period, Russian (Soviet Union) were used.

In 1992, when the Soviet Union became the Russian Federation, Tuva regained the status of Tuvan Republic and for a short time, they issued again their own stamps.

The Second Philatelic Period 1994-1995

50th Anniversary of Union with Russia137-139
Triangular Definitives140-145
Triangular Silver Provisionals146-151
Triangular Gold Provisionals152-157
Wild Tuvan Animals158-165
Wild Tuvan Birds167-174
60th Birthday of Dalai Lama175-176
50th Anniversary of Victory in WW2177-180
Tuvan Horses181-188
International Khoomey Symposium197
New Year 1996 - Last Tuva stamp198

I don't have any Tuvan stamps of these second period, in my collection, so the following images are found on the net.

Tuvan Birds 1995  - not in my collection

Tuvan Horses 1995 - not in my collection
In 1995 the last official Tuvan stamp was issued.
Now, only the official Russian stamps are used in Tuva.
However ... Tuvan stamps can be found with a later date of issue ...

... to be continued...