Thursday, May 26, 2011

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 01 e

Round in Japan,

Japan always was quite traditional in issuing stamps.
The last years however more and more odd shapes appeared from Japanese post.

Just a glimp of what has been issued.
I took a self-adhesive sheet from 2008. In fact it's a set of two sheets depicting 'hello Kitty'.
All pictures of 'Kitty' are in traditional japanese clothes, on various backgrounds.
The first sheetlet has 10 'normal' stamps. Each row shows 2 connecting stamps.

On the second sheet, the topic of today can be found.
Next to again 5 rectangle stamps, not less then 4 round, perforated stamps are placed on the sheet.
at the bottom, there's even a more special stamp.

First to the 4 round stamps.
I only posted 3 out of the four, for the simple reason, one of them is missing in my cancelled collection so far.
The top stamp shows Kitty in spring.  The pink blossoms are out on the threes, and Kitty has flowers on her dress. The second one shows Kitty assumingly in summer. A waterfall is shown and Kitty is sitting in the green grass. On the third stamp, the one that is not shown in detail, but that can be found on the large pic of the sheet, Kitty is sitting outside, while the wind is blowing strongly. Finally, Kitty appears in a winterscene on the fourth stamp. Snowflakes are falling down on Kitty.

Finally the last stamp on the sheet. This toppic is about 'round' stamps, and the last stamp on the sheet isn't quite 'round'.
Japan is one of the few countries that has issued 'oval' stamps so far.
Since there aren't that many oval stamps, I suppose it's ok to add them to the topic of 'round' stamps.

Japan has issued more sheets with round and now and then oval stamps.
It will be an item for another topic on this blog for sure.


will outcastle said...

Kitty is really popular here in Japan. I have a few myself.

Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...

Hi Will, kids love Kitty here too.
Honestly thinking, I think it's a copy of the older Dutch cartoon 'Nijntje' that I used to know as a kid. Well, "Nijntje" is a rabbit actually.
Japan has issued many stamps and collecting them abroad is quite an expensive hobby.
If you want to swap, let me know :)