Monday, December 12, 2016

Odd stamps : 03e 3D stamps (moving)

Among the numerous issues on Queen Elisabeth, I have picked up a special issue featuring 3D images.
New Zealand - where QE II is still the head of State - honoured the British monarch with a solid sheet, with 3 stamps of 5 NZ$ each.
The stamps have the shape of an old style painting, and can be 'pushed out' of the sheet.
Each of the stamps has 3 different images, which can be seen alternately by flipping the stamps to the back or the front.
As it is nearly impossible to scan those images in a decent way, I took the liberty to take the images from another site :

When flipped to the back, we see a photo taken in 1926, 1936 and 1947.
1926 : "Birth of a princess"
1936 : "Childhood in London"
1947 : "The royal wedding"
3D sheet NZ 2016 - flipped to the back
The normal frontal vieuw, shows pictures taken in 1949, 1963 and 1977.
1949 : "Family time with Prince Charles"
1963 : "Opening New Zealand's parliament"
1977 : "Royal visit to New Zealand"
3D sheet NZ 2016 - frontal view
Finally, flipped to the front, another 3 pictures can be seen, from 1995, 2002 and 2015.
1995 : "Royal visit to New Zealand"
2002 : "Royal visit to New Zealand"
2015 : "Attending Anzac centenary commemorations"
3D sheet NZ 2016 - flipped to the front
Not sure if many of those stamps will end on a letter or postcard from New Zealand, but for the collectors of QE II - stamps, surely a splendid addition to their collection.