Sunday, August 14, 2016

Emergency Money - B 1914 - 1920 - 01 Belgium - Bruges 3

When Belgium - and Europe - was at the dawn of war in 1914, a rush on metal cash and paper money was inevitable. National institutions already knew what was going to happen, and only limited amounts of money could be redrawn from the bank.
Meanwhile a large amount of the remaining stock of banknotes, as well as the printing plates were removed from the National Bank in Brussels, first to Antwerp, and later out of the country to the Bank of London.
Some of the notes, printed in Antwerp, are quite rare - but that's another topic.

Due to this lack of papermoney, and the need to pay out millions of people in Belgium, several cities started locally to emit notes.
In my previous posts I wrote about the smaller denominations issued in Bruges, now we'll have a closer look at the 'franc values'.
Front side of 1 frank Bruges 1914
Back side of 1 frank Bruges 1914
Two 1 Frank-notes were issued in 1914. Both notes have a different 'experiation day', the day they could be exchanged for 'real' money.
On the first note it is January 15, 1915 - on the second issue, the dte is July 15, 1915.
refunable January 15, 1915

refundable July 15, 1915
Once exchanged, the notes were perforated with a starshaped perforation.
star perforation
Both 1 Frank notes were issued in the same colours. Depending on the quality, they have a catalogue value of € 15 to € 50.
Both notes were issued by the city of Bruges, and were refunable at the city as well.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Microstates : 20 b Republic of Molossia (bogus)

Except for a territory clamed in the Pacific Ocean (Neptune Deep), and  Vesperia (claimed on Venus), the microstate 'republic of Molossia' is completely surrounded by the USA.

Among the laws in Molossia, same-sex marriage was adopted in 2002, and there is a restriction in importing tobacco into the country. Hereby Molossia is more progressive then many states in the neighbouring USA.

Border of Molossia with the USA

At the border of Molossia, USD can be exchanged for Molossian Valoras.
The coins are posted in my previous post, the banknotes (currently 4 notes in circulation) are 1, 5, 10 and 20 valoras.
The language on the notes is both English and Esperanto.

1 valora banknote
1 valora banknote - back
The Molossian notes are very nice notes. They come with an embossed seal, serial number and signature of the Minister of Finance, Miss Adrianne Baugh.

Embossed seal of Molossia

Signature of Mrs. A. Baugh

 The other notes :

5 (Kvin) Valora - President K. Baugh
5 (Kvin) Valora - back
10 (Dek) Valora - Emperor Norton I
10 (Dek) Valora - back
20 (Dudek) Valora - First Lady A. Baugh
20 (Dudek) Valora - back
Except for use within the Republic of Molossia itself - those notes can not be used elsewhere.

Besides the very limited usage of the currency above, my respect to the very fine design of the notes, and the effort that was done to create something nice.
The use of Esperanto on these notes is unique and much appreciated.
More info on :

to be continued...

Microstates : 20 a Republic of Molossia (bogus)

I had to look it up, but the republic of Molossia is a micronation within the state of Nevada (USA).
Flag of Molossia
The effort of his excellency Kevin Baugh to create an independent state, started in 1999.
It was based upon a childhood idea to create the "grand republic of Vuldstein"
The micro state uses English as national language, but as a tribute to world peace and equality, Esperanto is accepted as national language too.
The self-declared country has issued stamps, coins and banknotes.
I was more then excited when I saw the series of banknotes that were issued in Esperanto.

It took some diplomatic skills to contact the Ministry of Finance of Molossia, to obtain the current notes and coins.
His excellency, President Baugh, contacted me personally and sent me from the government house itself.
President Kevin Baugh
Cover from the Republic of Molossia
The coins :
Coins come in 1, 5 and 10 Valora (1 Valora is 0.75 USD)
 1 valora coin
1 valora coin - back - coat of arms
5 valora coin
5 valora coin - back - president
10 valora coin
10 valora coin - back - Emperor Norton I

There is a commemorative coin on the presidential wedding (sold out) and one commemorating the Grand Republic of Vuldstein (1977).
commemorative coin
commemorative coin - back
The coins are legal tender in the Republic of Molossia only.

More to follow