Friday, May 13, 2011

Odd stamps : 06 a Stamps on cotton /silk

France is the next country to be added to the list of countries who have issued 'odd' stamps.
This year, 2011, the french postal services 'la Poste' issued a booklet of 12 stamps, printed on cotton paper.
They are used for letters within France, up to 20 g.
All stamps depict an item related to protection of nature, or recycling. The 12 stamps are only emitted in a booklet of 12 different auto adhesive stamps.

Detail 1
 Detail 2
Detail 3

For all collectors of France,  you will have noticed lately the change in text at the bottom of the french stamps.
As they are printed by 'Phil@poste' you will notice this name at the bottom of each stamp.
You will see the Greek φ (phi) in the corner of stamps (not in this issue however).  
As φ is the abbreviation of 'phi'l@poste.
Some stamps by the way were printed in two different ways, just check the bottom of the french stamps next time.

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