Friday, May 13, 2011

Theme : Tintin (Kuifje) - 03

In one of the albums of Tintin, the reporter goes to Africa.
At that time, no one made any remarks about the album.
Recently, there are voices that are more critial about the album and the view of Hergé on Africa and the Africans.
Of course people are depicted very stereotypical, but after all, it's a comic book, not an encyclopedia.
African native people are treated in a rather racist way or at least depicted as unknowing, simple minded. And several attempt to stop the selling of the album were unsuccessful.

The reason why I posted this item, is certainly not to insult or to reopen any discussion.
It's a nice stamp, made by belgiums most famous comic book designer, father of the world know Tintin.

The stamps were issued in a souvernir sheet and a single stamp.
It was a joint-issue with Congo, Belgiums former colony. Both countries issued the same stamp and sheet.

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