Monday, May 16, 2011

Odd stamps : 07 b Stamps (sheets) with special cuts

A step higher on the stairways of 'oddness' are the sheets who are cut into any possible shape.

A shape that is easy to recognise, is a butterfly.
It's also a very thankful topic for theme collectors. And as butterflies are attractive themselves, it doubles the pleasure of collecting butterfly-shaped souvenir sheets.

First in line is Malaysia. They emitted a wonderful souvenir sheet in the shape of a butterfly, with one 'normal' stamp on the sheet.
The sheet is also cut inside, so that one can see through the wings of the butterfly.

It makes the sheet extra fragile, but double as attractive.

In the same style as the Malaysian souvenir sheet, also Taiwan has issued a 'butterfly-sheet'.
The sheet is cut like a butterfly, and also here, there are cut inside the sheet.
Those cuts however are not in the sheet self, but in each of the 4 stamps on the sheet.
Here, the cuts are made in the shape of a smaller butterfly.

The sheet isn't maybe as colourful as the Malaysian one, but nevertheless a very tasteful stamp and a beauty for all theme collectors.

Finally, let's move to Thailand.
This issue is not about butterflies, but depicts traditional thai fans.
On the sheet, 4 amazing royal fans are depicted. The sheet itself, and that's why it's in this topic, again is cut into a fan shape.
Not easy to put in your pre-printed album, or even in a classic album.
But who cares, if (s)he sees such a wonderful souvenir sheet.
Thai stamps are always good quality and very tasteful, this issue is not only royal by it's theme, it's truly an amazing item to put in a collection.



Manuel, Nice to see your work here.Yes there are lovely sheets and stamps out there.I am, being selective trying to reduce.

Manuel said...

Thanks for your reply. Pretty nice blog you have too.


If anyone needs this butterfly sheet let me know