Saturday, May 28, 2011

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 02 a

While searching for the round stamps, I found even more stamps on the next topic: Triangular stamps.
There are hardly countries that haven't issued triangular stamps.
Is it for the beauty of the shape? Triangular stamps offer less space to place a picture, then the regular rectangle stamps. But a triangular stamp is surely something that will catch the attention of someone.
 Besides, the shape is very thankful for printing.
When two triangular stamps are put together with the longest side towards eachother, a rectangle or square shape appears, which makes them easier to perforate.
The so called 'tête-bêche' will appear in a next article about this item.

Now to the 'pure' triangular stamps.
As this item is just about 'shapes' I'm only showing some randomly chosen stamps from my collection.
Sets are not complete, or even mixed.

For this first 'round', I take you to Central and South America.
Triangular stamps are not a gimmic from the last few years, as you will see on this Ecuadorian stamps from 1907!
Also Costa Rica has issued triangular stamps long time ago (1937) and mor recently (1963)

Up to Paraguay, where I found some triangular stamps on 'scientists'
Also Nicaragua issued a nice triangular stamp (long before the endless list of CTO stamps were put on the market).
Finally, to make the circle round (sorry for the slip of the tongue),  back to Ecuador, where we started.
This beautiful stamp, both MNH and cancelled.

There is much, much more to show. So : to be continued...

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