Thursday, May 19, 2011

Commemorative coins : The Netherlands 03

The 9th coin in the set of Dutch € 5 coins, is the "Australian Five", a commemorative coin (only valid in the Netherlands), dedicated to the 400 years of friendship between the Netherlands and Australia.
On the card, two girls are shown, holding a plastic globe. Towards the viewers, Australia is shown.
On the coin, Australia is shown as well, in the middle of the coin. The eastern part of Asia is omitted on the coin. Above Australia, " 5 € " is written.

The back of the coin is the same design. But in stead of Australia, the head of Queen Beatrix is shown.
The circulation coin was emitted 500.000 times.
The silver Proof version, only 22.500 times and the golden € 10 coin, was only emitted 3.500 times.

The coin was issued on a coin card
Amount : 500.000 pieces
Metal : silver 925/100
Size : Ø 29 mm
Weight : 11,9 g
Face value : € 5
Quality : circulation quality
Design : Irma Boom

This coin is the 9th € 5 coin that was issued by the Royal Dutch Mint.

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