Sunday, February 10, 2019

Theme : Zodiac signs 15

San Marino, the small independent republic within the country of Italy, is well known among stamp collectors. At least in the past, an important part of its income was generated by selling stamps.

For this post, I'll go back to 1970, as San Marino issued a series of 12 stamps on the zodiac signs.
The set is absolutely not expensive, and shows the 12 zodiac signs in a very classical, but colourful composition.

The set starts in March (Aries) and follows all signs,  ending with (Pisces) in February.

The image of the zodiac sign, is an overlay on the stellar constellation.
For each sign, the mayor stars are indicated :
See : Castor and Pollux for the Gemini sign.

Also nice is that the names of the constellations are mentionned in Italian (Gemelli / Gemini).