Sunday, May 22, 2011

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 01 d

Another 'round up'

Tonga, a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, had issued about 500 stamps between1886 and 1982.
About 130 of them were 'normal' stamps, rectangle with perforation.
All others, were cut into the most inventive shapes.
As i will come to this item later in this series of 'odd' stamps, i will limit this article to a set of 'round' stamps.

In 1963, a set of 6 round stamps were emitted. This set was to commemorate the first gold coinage of Polynesia.
6 values appeared as 'regular' stamps. (YT128 - YT 133)
Along with this set, a bigger shaped set, was emitted for Air Mail. (YT PA1 - PA6) this was also the first Air Mail set of the Isands.
This Air Mail set came in two sizes.

The set is completed by an Official Air Mail stamp (YT SPA 7), and is the highest value in the set.

To be continued...


PenelopeTonga said...

how much is something like this worth?

Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...


catalogue prices are only an indication.
The german Michel catalogue values this set around € 15 (regular and air mail stamps) and another € 7,50 for the last value (service stamp). Both conditions, mint or postally used have a similar value.
Scott catalogue rate them almost $ 20 and almost $ 6 for the services stamp.

With a bit of luck you can find them at 50% of the catalogue price, in a specialised shop.

Never buy them at a higher price then the catalogue prices. After all we're not talking about extremely rare stamps.

When selling them to a salesman, won't make you rich either, since they have to buy them cheaper then the price they ask in their shops.