Thursday, April 4, 2013

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 06 h

When I started posting hexagonal stamps (and even earlier, pentagonal stamps, or even square stamps), I never had the intention to post only regular hexagons.
However, as that is a natural shape, ask the bees, it's also the most common shape when it comes to odd geometrical stamps.

And of course, the reason why I write this, is of course because today I'm presenting a non-regular hexagonal stamp.

non-regular shaped hexagon

This is one of the most odd shaped stamps I have in my collection.
Later on I will mention the odd stamps with free shapes, but this on, surely is very special.

The stamp was isssued in a small sheetlet, and as far as I know, it was also only emitted as a sheetlet.

Malaysia - sheet with hexagonal stamp

Monday, April 1, 2013

Theme : Zodiac signs 12

The following sheet, is a special one.
Well in a way, they are all special of course, but here, I didn't know whether to label it under 'odd shaped sheets' or, 'zodiac signs'.
This Indonesian sheet, has it both.

As you can see in the title, I have chosen to label it under the zodiac signs.
That is what the stamp on the sheet is about.

2007 zodiac sheet - Indonesia

In 2007, the year of the Pig was celebrated.
I can't read chinese, but
is the character for 'pig'... see if you can find it on the sheet.

猪 = pig
pig =
On the stamp, the image of the pig is put on top.
Around the stamp, all 12 zodiac signs are written in Chinese language.
On top of the sheet we see "12 Lambang Shio" ; 12 zodiac signs.

Currency Today : Bangladesh 03

It's time to continue with the current banknotes of Bangladesh.

I showed in previous posts already 2, 5, 10 and 2 types of 20 taka notes.
Today I present the 50 taka note and 2 versions of the 100 taka note.

As on all Bengali notes, we see the portrait of Sheik Mujibur Rhaman, first president of Bangladesh.
In the middle of the note, we also see the National Martyr's Monument (Jatiyo Smriti Soudho).

50 and two 100 taka notes (front)
On the 50 taka note, we see two men drawn by two buffalos (on a field)

On the back of the 100 taka notes, we see a mosque.
Both notes are identical in design (except for the year 2011 and 2012) - but the first one is blue on pink, the second one is monochrome blue.

On the 100 taka note, a microtext "100" is printed, can you find it?
Further on, from the 20 taka notes on, upwards, another symbol is added :

20 taka note
50 taka note
100 taka note