Saturday, May 14, 2011

Commemorative coins : The Netherlands 02

July 2006, the Dutch celebrate the birth of one of their most famous painters, Rembrandt van Rijn.
Rembrandt was born 400 years earlier, in 1606.
Until now, the Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam is one of the highlights of the capital of the Netherlands.

How can Rembrandt better be honoured then by a silver € 5 coin.
The coin, only legal tender in the Netherlands will not be found in many wallets.
It's a wonderful silver commemorative coin, that was available in the Netherlands shortly and dissapeared in collections of coin collectors but also of many Rembrandt admirors.

On the front of the coin, a self-portrait is depicted, as well as the name "Rembrandt van Rijn"
and "1606-2006".
On the back side, you'll find a picture of Queen Beatrix, and the dutch text : "Beatrix koningin der Nederlanden" (Beatrix, queen of the Netherlands).

The coin was issued on a coin card
Amount : 651.000 pieces
Metal : silver 925/100
Size : Ø 29 mm
Weight : 11,9 g
Face value : € 5
Quality : circulation quality
Design : Berend Strik

The coin was also made in Proof-quality, both in silver and gold.
Face value is € 5 (silver) and € 10 gold - but prices of course depend on market values of silver and gold.

This coin is the 8th € 5 coin that was issued by the Royal Dutch Mint.

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