Saturday, October 12, 2019

Theme : Zodiac signs 18

In this post, I show a set of 12 precanceled stamps of France.
Precanceled stamps are mainly definitive stamps with an overprint, issued as 'canceled' before being attached to mail.
They are often offered to companies who need lots of stamps for sending their mailings, and the precanceled stamps are bought in larger quantities by those companies.

Some countries have stamps with city or district names on the overprint (like USA, Belgium, ...)
and were often used on newspaper wrappers (also in Canada, Austria and the UK).

French precanceled stamps (often called : preo's) are overprinted with 'AFFRANCH(issemen)ts POSTES"
The French precanceled stamps are unique, as they were printed in thematic sets, such as beetles, mushrooms, .... and often came in sets of 4 or multiples of 4.
Very convenient if you want to depict 4 seasons, 4 suits of cards, ... or 12 months, 12 zodiac signs,...

For this post of course, I bring the 12 western zodiac signs from the issues 1977-78.

This set was not issued at once, but came in 3 sets of 4.
Gemini - highest value in the set
In the north western corner, we find a symbol for the zodiac sign, the stars on each stamp are put randomly this time.
In the south eastern corner, we find the precancel in black.
These stamps do not exist without the precancel.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Theme : Zodiac signs 17

Hong Kong has a long tradition of zodiac sign stamps.
Most series exists of one specific stamp each year (each series having 12 stamps), but - for commercial reasons - often stamps are also printed in sheetlets.
Hong Kong often issues more then just the single stamp.

In 2012, a set of 12 small stamps were issued, on the western zodiac signs.
Not that common, as mostly Chinese astrology is depicted.
Maybe that is the reason why the set is quite modest.

The design is kept simple and the stamps have no excessive gold or silver overprints, nor is the emission printed on silk.
All stamps have the same value of 1,40 HK$ (16 eurocent or 17 dollarcent).
When we take a closer look at the individual stamp, we see clockwise, from NW corner :
the Chinese name of the sign, the Latin name (here Gemini), the stellar constellation, the year of printing, and finally on the bottom line, Honk Kong, China (in English and Chinese) and the value in Hong Kong Dollars.

This simple set comes in stripes of 6 stamps each.
A nice and inexpensive addition to my collection.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 22

Cars are a commonly collected topic in theme collections.
Searching for specific cars, reduces the stack of stamps worldwide issued a lot.
As for my thematic collection, I limit myself to my love for Volkswagen Beetles.

In this article, I show you a sheet of Finland, with 10 stamps, all depicting historic police cars.
The sheetlet has 10 different 1st class stamp. Each depicting a historic police car.
Each stamp bears the number "1" - the basic rate of a simple 1st class stamp
(at the day of issue : € 1,65 each).
car types on the reverse side
10 personalised stamps with police cars

The reverse side of the sheetlet, shows the names of the type of the cars

1 Volvo PV 444.                
 2 Renault Goelette.
3 Moskvitsh Elite.             
 4 Peugeot 403.
5 Volvo Amazon Sport.     
 6 Porsche 356B.
7 Plymouth Valiant.           
 8 Plymouth Fury.
9 Volkswagen Kupla.       
 10 Saab 99 GL.

Porsche 365B
Volkswagen Beetle
The stamps were issued in 2008 and are personalised stamps.
Personalised stamps are printed on behalf of a private company, institution, organisation, and for Finland, (but also for the Netherlands, Belgium, ....) have a similar lay out.
This to make it easy recognisable as a 'personalised' stamp.
Since they are printed by the officially recognised postal services, the stamps can be used for regular use.
lay out of a Finnish personalised stamp
The sheet of 10 stamps are quite simple in design, but the sober design give the stamps a certain style.

More to follow...

Friday, August 30, 2019

The world of Mujand (fantasy notes) - 02 : Evshlohogi Islands

Another territory on the Novarthica continent, is a group of Islands, called the Evshlohogi Islands.
It consists of 5 islands in the South East of the continent.

This set uses the Blissdale Naïve numbering system.
There are only Foduzi notes in the set (thus, 4 notes), and the design is very pleasing.
The currency is 'Dubre' and the notes are printed on polymere paper.
At the front, we see 4 rulers of the Evshlohogi Islands :
The Fetzia note (5) depicts Queen Esmi Arccrm, the Tetzia (10) note shows Princess Zia Arccrm, the Deutetfetzia (25) note has a portrait of Princess Iza Arccrm, and finally on the Fetetzia note (50), we see Princess Azi Arccrm.

The reverse side of the notes are a bit weird at first.
reverse side of 5 - Fetzi Dubre
But putting the 4 notes together, a beautiful design appears...
Similar to the Greek mythology, where Atlas is holding the sky vault (and not the Earth, as some people might think), a person is holding the Blissdane Naïve world.
On the 25 dubre-note, we see the head of 'Atlas' and the 5 Islands of Evshlohogi.
Reverse side of the 4 Evshlohogi notes
These notes are numbered as note 101 to 104 (4 notes).
The notes are only valid on the Evshlohogi Islands, not on Earth.

to be continued...

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The world of Mujand (fantasy notes) - 01 b : Mujand Republic

On the reverse side of the Mujand - notes, we see the same design every time.
back of Mujand-notes
Some interesting items are indicated below :
back of Mujand-notes detail
At first, a 'general warning' is mentionned, that the note is for collection and admiration only. (1)
general information regarding collecting
Each note has in the top corner, the initials of the writer on the front. For the 5 Zilchy-note it's EAP (Edgar Allen Poe). (2)
(3) For each note, there is a new number. As there are diffent numbers on the notes that I will present later, I presume they indicate the number of the issued note in general.
This series goes from 001 to 009.

Finally (4) each denomination has a value in 4 digits, the 4 th/last (is large) the 3rd/second last is smaller, the 2nd is smaler then the previous one, and the first is the smallest.
4 different values in numbers
This set is called the A-series (banknotes 1 to 9)

to be continued ...

Monday, August 19, 2019

The world of Mujand (fantasy notes) - 01 a : Mujand Republic

We start in the North West, with the first continent : Novartica.
Novartica on Mujand Naïve
 The largest territory on the Novartica continent, is the Mujand Republic.
Mujand repubic on Novartica
"On Blissdane Naïve’s rich surface the Mujand Republic is the planet's economic and political power. It is the undeclared empire of the planet and is the frequent target of vicious verbal slings and arrows but is always there to save other countries from economic or political brinks of calamity."

The bank of Zilchy issued a set of 9 notes, in honour of Early American Writers.
The denominations are 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 Zilchy.
This series of notes were issued in 2013.

We see in order : Edgar Allan Poe (5); Henry David Thoreau (10); Nathaniel Hawthorne (25);

 Oliver Wendell Holmes (50); Harriet Beecher Stowe (100); Washington Irving (200)

 James Lowell (500); James Fenimore Cooper (1000) and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (5000)

to be continued ...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The world of Mujand (fantasy notes) - 00 Introduction

In the following series of articles, I will lead you to the fantastic / fantasy world of Mujand.
Mujand is the sun of a 9-planet solar system. Only one planet, Blissdane Naive is inhabited.

"It's a world where the fantastic is common and time has become yesterday, today and tomorrow... all at once.
What may appear true today, changes within years, months, days, or hours. No one is sure. A time anomaly has hit Blissdane Naive and no one was aware or prepared until the past, present and future became in doubt. It's a mystery yet to be solved."

The planet Blissdane Naive, has 5 continents, starting from NW, clockwise to NE, SE ending SW:
Novarthica, Lothandizia, Kolmalia, Ervessia and Asmatu.
Each continent has several countries, and of course, each country or territory has it's own banknotes.
And that's what it's all about, isn't it.

Blissdane Naive has only one language, which makes it easier to navigate through the banknotes of each country or territory.
Luckily for us, the numbers used on the notes are arabic (Earth) numbers.

1 - Unzi
2 - Deutzi
3 - Trezi
4 - Foduzi
5 - Fetzia
6 - Sezi
7 - Sevzi
8 - Octzi
9 - Nenzi
10 - Tetzia
20 - Deutetzia
30 - Tretetzia
40 - Fodetzia
50 – Fetetzia
60 - Seztetzia
70 - Sevtetzia
80 - Octetzia
90 - Nentetzia
100 – Hedretzia
200 - Deuhedretzia
300 - Trehedretzia
400 - Fodhedretzia
500 - Fethedretzia
600 - Sezhedretzia
700 - Sevhedretzia
800 - Octhedretzia
900 - Nenhedretzia
1000 - Unmilzia
2000 - Deumilzia
5000 - Fetmilzia
10000 - Tetmilzia
20000 - Duetetmilzia
25000 - Deutetfetmilzia
50000 - Fetetmilzia
100000 - Unhedretmilzia
200000 - Duhedretmilzia
500000 - Fethedretmilzia
1000000 - Unzimiyon

For the entire numbering system, you can check the link :

In the following post, I will present you the different countries, and territories, that issue notes.
Please beware that these notes are only valid in the Mujand solar system, and can not be used on Earth, unless among fan(t)a(s)tic collectors like me...

to be continued ...