Sunday, September 1, 2019

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 22

Cars are a commonly collected topic in theme collections.
Searching for specific cars, reduces the stack of stamps worldwide issued a lot.
As for my thematic collection, I limit myself to my love for Volkswagen Beetles.

In this article, I show you a sheet of Finland, with 10 stamps, all depicting historic police cars.
The sheetlet has 10 different 1st class stamp. Each depicting a historic police car.
Each stamp bears the number "1" - the basic rate of a simple 1st class stamp
(at the day of issue : € 1,65 each).
car types on the reverse side
10 personalised stamps with police cars

The reverse side of the sheetlet, shows the names of the type of the cars

1 Volvo PV 444.                
 2 Renault Goelette.
3 Moskvitsh Elite.             
 4 Peugeot 403.
5 Volvo Amazon Sport.     
 6 Porsche 356B.
7 Plymouth Valiant.           
 8 Plymouth Fury.
9 Volkswagen Kupla.       
 10 Saab 99 GL.

Porsche 365B
Volkswagen Beetle
The stamps were issued in 2008 and are personalised stamps.
Personalised stamps are printed on behalf of a private company, institution, organisation, and for Finland, (but also for the Netherlands, Belgium, ....) have a similar lay out.
This to make it easy recognisable as a 'personalised' stamp.
Since they are printed by the officially recognised postal services, the stamps can be used for regular use.
lay out of a Finnish personalised stamp
The sheet of 10 stamps are quite simple in design, but the sober design give the stamps a certain style.

More to follow...