Thursday, May 19, 2011

Theme : Stamps on Stamps (postal services related stamps) - 01

Another nice topic to collect, is 'stamps on stamps'.
This first post however isn't really about 'stamps' on stamps, but postal stationary.
Reason for this post, is the latest issue of the Belgian "bPost" (new name of the Belgian Postal Services).

In the third set in this series, 5 stamps (for letters up to 50 g - within Belgium) were emitted, depicting old letter boxes. The 5 stamps are issued in a sheetlet, with 2 stamps of each.
Yeah, Belgian Post Services forces buyers to buy 10 stamps at the same time.
If not, stamps cost you 10 cents extra.
Well let put it this way.
One stamp (Belgium, up to 50 g) cost € 0,71 - buying them per 10 is cheaper, since the sheet only costs € 6,10. (postal rates since january 2011).
The number "1" in the circle indicates that it's ment for 'Belgium' (other symbols are a european flag = for Europe and a globe = for the world).

The stamps keep their value forever and the value rises in case postal rates get higher too.
If the stamps are used in combinations, or for sending letters out of Belgium, the value is again € 0,71 (and additional stamps have to be used to reach the requested rate).

Back to the issue now.
5 different stamps, showing 5 different old letter boxes.

Truly one of Belgians better issues. And finally again a stamp that was designed carefully.
This set of 5 engraved stamps, is a nice addition to the previous issues of postal cars, which will be appearing soon in this blog.

Finally, a nice picture of the complete sheet, with additional design in the board of the sheet.

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