Thursday, May 19, 2011

Commemorative coins : The Netherlands 04

Death and Taxes... only 2 things you're sure of in live.
Not that the Royal Dutch Mint got their inspiration from the movie 'Meet Joe Black', at least not that i know of.
But it's a fact that there 's a coin dedicated to "taxes", or at least to the National Taxservices in the Netherlands.

Speaking of an original way of generating income. Anyone who got money back from tax services, can spend it again on a coin dedicated to the same service.
Well, only the Dutch are so inventive i guess ;-)

On the front side of the coin, a picture of Queen Beatrix is shown. On top of here image, "2006" is written. Then, clockwise towards the centre of the coin, the years are printed, one by one, going back to 1806.
This to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the tax institute.

Back in the 18th century, there was no organised taxsystem in the Netherlands. Taxes were imposed on elementary food products. Since no one could do without, the gouvernment was sure to have enough income.
In 1806 for the first time, a system of general taxes was imposed for all Dutch.
Belgium, which was joined with the Netherlands from 1815 to 1830 shortly was part of this system.

The back side of the coin, shows another - old - coin.
It's a 1 florin coin, with the text "Koningrik Holland" (Kingdom of Holland)
Holland is actually only a part of the Netherlands (the two provinces of North- and South-Holland) with the cities Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam...

The coin was issued on a coin card
Amount : 359.189 pieces
Metal : silver 925/100
Size : Ø 29 mm
Weight : 11,9 g
Face value : € 5
Quality : circulation quality
Design : Hennie Bouwe

This coin is the 10th € 5 coin that was issued by the Royal Dutch Mint.

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