Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thai coins : 01 d - 10 baht commemorative coins

More of Thailands 10 baht coins

Y # 371

In February 2000, at the occasion of the National Economic and Social Development Board, a commemorative coin was emitted. Showing at the front side, King Rama IX; at the back 3 seated figures.
BE 2543
Y 371 front
Y 371 back
Y # 373

Also in February, but in 2001, the Department of Land celebrated its centennial with a commemorative coin.
At the front, King Rama V and King Rama IX, at the back the Department's seal.

Y 373 front
Y 373 back
Y # 381

Another centennial was celebrated and commemorated in 2002 (BE 2545). The Irrigation Department, celebrated also its 100th anniversary. Both kings are on the front side, on the back is the Department logo.

Y 381 front
Y 381 back
Y # 382

60 years can be celebrated too, this coin commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Department of Internal Trade. King Rama IX is depicted on the front side, the Department logo is shown on the back side.
Year of issue is 2002 (BE 2545)

Y 382 front
Y 382 back
... to be continued ...

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