Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweden : 11d Early issues - My kingdom for a crown

The set of crown stamps, emitted between 1920 an 1933 had so far 2 types of each stamp.
From the 70 öre stamp on, there is only one type per stamp left.
There are still minor differences in colour or in paper, but for most of the collectors, this overview will be more then sufficient already.

70 öre

Sweden 70 öre

The 70 öre was emitted in 1922.

80 öre

Sweden 80 öre
In the 80 öre stamp, emitted in 1920, a version with and without watermark can be found.The stamps with watermark have a higher value then those without.

85 öre

Almost a decade later, in December 1929, a 85 öre stamp was added to the series.
The stamp can be found on tainted paper and on white paper.

Sweden 85 öre - regular paper
90 öre

The last value in öre, goes to a 90 öre stamp.
3 variations can be distinguised:
The first issue was printed on tainted paper, in various shades of blue.
On white paper, there's a greenish-blue stamp and  a dull blue version.

Finally, a 1 Krona stamp (1921)
The only stamp in this series not in "öre", since the higher values are also in "öre".
The 1 Krona stamp can be found on tainted paper, or on white paper. The ones on white paper are more expensive (according FACIT).
A stamp with watermark is rare, and has a value up to 100 times the cheapest value.

Sweden 1 Krona

next time, the values over 1 Krona.

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