Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 12

More booklets on 'Volkswagen Beetle', sure, why not.

I wrote in part '07' of this theme, about Greek stamps on the theme of legendary cars.
The same stamps appear as well in a prestige booklet.
Here, each stamp is only once in the 15 paged booklet.
All other pages are dedicated in Greek and in English to each of the 5 legendary cars (including Ford T, Citroën 2CV and of course the Volkswagen Beetle).
A very nice issue, or a smart way to let collectors pay too much for what they get in return?
As many collectors, especially those who collect specific themes, you don't want to miss any item that is related to your collection, so I bought the booklet as well.

booklet - front
detail page in English
the 5 stamps at the end of the booklet
mind the detail in the picture left under
back side of the booklet

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