Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thai coins : 01 c - 10 baht commemorative coins

Thai coins and the bimetallic 10 baht coins, are such a nice topic to collect.
In this item, I'll continue the list of coins.

Y # 352

In March 1998 (BE 2541) King Rama III was honoured with the title 'great'.
This was commemorated with a special 10 baht coin.
On the face side of the coin, King Rama III  is depicted, on the back the royal arm of the king are shown.

Y # 352 front
Y # 352 back

Y # 354
100 years after the founding of the Army Medical Department, the anniversary was celebrated with a coin.
Both kings, Rama V and Rama IX are on the front side of the coin, at the back, we see the emblem of the Army Medical Department.
This coin has no date, but the coin was issued in 2000 (BE 2543).

Y # 354 front
Y # 354 back

Y # 358

Not only centenials are celebratede in Thailand.
The next coin is to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Ministry of Commerce.
The royal portrait of King Rama IX is on the front, and on the back we see the Ministry logo.
A very nice design with a square and circle which made me thing ok certain Nepalese coins.
This coin was emitted in 2000 (BE 2543)
Y # 358 front
Y # 358 back

Y # 361

Living in Thailand means living long and healthy.
Prove is next coin, which shows the King's mother at the occasion of her 100th anniversary.
Of course the front side shows the King's mother, an emblem on the back side.

Y # 361 front
Y # 361 back

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