Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Microstates : 14 Isö (bogus)

Ever heard of Isö?
If you're thinking of an item in Ikea, then I can tell you, you're not really that mistaken.
According to Wikipedia, it's a "local issued stamp from (Eastern) Sweden.
So far the link with Ikea.

In fact it has nothing to do with Sweden at all.
The CTO cancels on the Isö labels do mention 'Sverige' (Swedish for 'Sweden'). However there's no value in öre or krone.

The labels are purely fantasy and show pictures of marine life, historic events or people (hardly recognisable) and places (here London).
Except for the fish maybe, no link with Sweden.

Isö - topic UK (London)
Isö - topic fish

Try to recognise the 'famous' people...

Iso - topic WWII historic events
Those cinderellas are easily found in thematic collections. Wildlife, animals, historic events and so on.
Don't be misled, they are as fake as the Swedish words in Ikea.
But at least Ikea is real :-)

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