Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sweden : 11c Early issues - My kingdom for a crown

The story goes on, with the Swedish crowns.

I talked about the 1920-1933 post horn and crown issue earlier.
Now I want to say something about the 45 and the 60 öre.

45 öre

Type 1

In the inner side of the crown, a shadow is engraved. In the first (1922) issue, the bottom lines are white.
This was corrected in type 2 (1925)

45 öre - type 1
the 2 bottom lines inside the crown are plain white
Type 2

In 1925 the design was slightly altered, the white lines got extra vertical lines.

45 öre - type 2
re-engraved design, only 1 white line left

The 60 öre comes in 2 types as well...

60 öre

Type 1

The first type was emitted in 1920. There are 2 details that can help to determinate which type the stamp is.
The difference is also partly in the shadow of the innerside of the crown.
In the first type, there are clear white spots (similar to the 45 öre, type 1).

60 öre - type 1
open white line at the bottow of the inner side of the crown
However, not all type 2 stamps show the corrected design as clearly. Therefore there's a second detail important as well.
At the bottom, we have to look to the first word "öre"
The "R" in type 1 has a small triangal on top. This was omitted later, in the 1926 engraving.

Type 2

The 1926 design has changed on two spots, the inner side of the crown, and the "R" in the first "öre".

60 öre - type 2

the inner side of the crown is grilled completely
the inner side of the crow, grilled more clearly

In the two details above, you might think the first one is a type 1 stamp.
However the "R" in "öre" gave more details :

"R" with a straight "R"

straight "R"

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