Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweden : 11e Early issues - My kingdom for a crown

The last posting in the crown series.

The values above 1 krone, are in öre.
This results in values of 110, 115, 120(2), 140 and 145 öre.

110 öre

The 110 öre comes in 2 colour shades, greyish blue and greenish blue.
Stamps with watermark are more rare
110 öre

115 öre

For this stamp there are 2 prints, first on regular (tainted) paper, secondly on white paper.

115 öre - regular paper

120 öre

The 120 öre was printed in 1925, in black
The stamp was reprinted in  1933 on regular and on white paper, this time in pink.

120 öre black
120 öre pink

140 öre

 second last in the list, is the in 1920 emitted 140 öre.
Colour shades go from olive black over greyish black to black.

140 öre
145 öre

The last stamp in this series, also from 1930, is a green 145 öre.

145 öre emerald green
145 öre yellowish green

145 öre white paper

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