Friday, September 2, 2011

Europe : CEPT - 04 "1958"

The 1958 emission of Europe CEPT - stamps was issued in 8 countries.
Switserland didn't join that year.
All designs are similar, except for Turkey who made its first contribution to the CEPT program.

On the design a white stylistic dove is on top of an "E".

Luxemburg emitted 3 stamps, as it also did in 1956 and 1957.
This year the set isn't the most valuable of the whole emission.

Luxemburg 1958 - mint
France 1958 - with a beautiful cancel on the 20F
Belgium 1958 - mint
Italy - both cancelled in 1958
The Netherlands - with a very nice cancel 'TERNEUZEN' in 1958
Germany and Saarland, with nearly the same designs.

Turkey, participating for the first time, chose a diffent design.

A branch is growing out of a trunk. Symbolising the new Europe growing from a cut three (probably refering to the rebuiling of Europe after the second World War.

Turkeys first contribution to CEPT

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