Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Theme : Esperanto 09

Centennials are always good for stamp collectors.
As there is always a country that dedicates a set of stamps to a special event.

Suriname honoured Zamenhof and the Esperanto movement with a set of 3 tasteful stamps, at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Esperanto.
Since Suriname used to be part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, until its independence in 1975, Dutch is spoken in this Central American Republic.
Therefore you can read "100 jaar Esperanto" (100 years of Esperanto) on the first stamp.
On the 60 cent stamp, the green star, "la verda stelo" is shown.
This is the symbol of Esperanto, as long with the mirrored E "ЄЭ" on the 3rd stamp, which is a more recent design.

The 110 cent stamp shows a world map with two white doves holding a flag, symbolising world peace.

The Suriname stamps have suffered a lot, since they were one of the first Esperanto stamps I bought, long time a go. They have survived exhibitions in high school, when I presented my hobby to my school friends.

100 years of Esperanto by Suriname

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