Thursday, September 1, 2011

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 05 a

We're leaving the quadrilateral stamps for a while, and move on with the pentagonal stamps.
Pentagons are figures bounded by five straight lines.

We all have heard of 'the pentagon' which thanks it's name to the pentagonal shape of the building.
Penta is the Greek word for 'five'.

Pentagons are not easy to combine on a sheet of stamps.
It's easier to combine triangular and hexagonal stamps, as they are perfectly usable for patterns.
Irregular pentagons can be found in an issue of Malta :

Malta 1968

Regular pentagons I found in Indonesian stamps:
in this sheetlet there are two regular pentagonal stamps. The same stamps were also issued in sheets with both stamps in the same and a different face value.
On the regular sheets, an additional pentagon is placed between both stamps.

Indonesia 2005
Indonesia 2005


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I have some of these Maltese shaped pieces.