Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 11

I reported earlier about the Jersey Motor Fesival. Next to the earlier shown stamps on 'classic cars' and the Volkswagen Beetle in particular, there has been issued 'more' ...
Together with the stamps, a commemorative prestige stamp booklet was issued. It contained a lot of informationa about 'classic' cars, and each stamp appears 3 times on a page, every time in a different souvenir sheet.

front of the booklet
Once the stamps were taken out of the sheetlet, it's difficult to see whether the individual stamp was printed separatly, or if they came from one of the 3 sheetlets. The coloured border (at the titp of the teeth) white, brown, purple or blue, might help to find the origine of the stamps.
However, due to the high cost of the stamp booklet, and of course the additional information on the history of cars, I doubt if any stamp actually have been taken out of the booklet.
Each page with stamps has been perforated on the side, so it is possible that stamp sheets have been taken out of the booklet and been in circulation.

first sheetlet
second sheetlet
third sheetlet
At the back of the booklet, an 'oval' beetle is shown.

back of the booklet

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