Thursday, December 1, 2011

Odd stamps : 02b Silver / golden stamps

It's been a long time since I posted my 'odd stamps', so it's a good time to take up that topic and give you some more 'oddies'.

In the category 'silver stamps', today I'm presenting two stamps from France.
The most famous type of French stamps are the so called 'Mariannes'.
Marianne symbolises the French and the French Republic.
There have been many types of Mariannes throughout the stamp history, but I will come to those stamps later.

Just a quick overview...
Marianne de Dulac
Marianne de Gandon 1955
Marianne d'Alger (de Fernez) 1944

Marianne à la nef 1959
Marianne de Cocteau 1961

Marianne de cheffer 1967
Marianne de Béquet 1971
Marianned de Briat (bicentennaire) 1990
Marianne du 14 juillet (2002)

Marianne de Beaujard
Marianne de Lamouche (Marianne des Français)
Those last 2 were issued in silver too.
And of course, that's the reason why they appear here.

Both silver stamps have a face value of 5 Euro, they can be used postally, but since silver is oxidating easily, the moment they are in contact with oxygen, they turn dark.
That's why both stamps were issued in a special card, surrounded by a plastic cover to protect them.
Even with that protection, the corners of the stamps have a slight colour shift.
This can be removed by cleaning with a soft cloth.

card with silver Marianne de Beaujard

Silver Marianne de Beaujard

card with silver Mariand de Lamouche

silver Marianne de Lamouche

detail of oxidating silvers stamps

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