Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Banknotes : North Korea - 01

For those who haven't been to North-Korea yet...
(Or those who went there, but haven't returned yet...) a small contribution now their illustrious leader, Kim Jong-Il, has deceased lately.

North Korea was split from it's sister republic South-Korea in 1945, when the Potsdam Conference took the 38th parallel as the line deviding the occupation forces of the United States and Russia.
It's not easy to get in to the country, and it's even more difficult to get out of that area.
Having banknotes from North-Korea might be illegal, I don't know for sure, but for those who are worried, I 'm taking care of them, by all means.

Banknotes of North-Korea came into circulation in 1945. At first, they were issued under Russian supervision.
In 1947 the Central Bank of North Korea emitted their first own notes.

It's a set of 8 notes: 15, 20 and 50 chon - 1, 5, 10 and 100 won. (the 5 won came in 2 versions).

Having "15" on a banknote is rather unusual.

North Korea n° 5 and n° 7 front

North Korea n°5 and n°7 back

The whole set came in 2 versions, with and without watermark.
The notes with watermark have a catalogue price double as the unwatermarked copies.

More recent notes are following...

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