Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Theme : Esperanto 10b - Belgian postcards

In my previous post on the Esperanto postcards, I spoke of a set of 20 different cards.
This is what I presume, as i have card n°20. But after a bit of search, I found that there must be at least 24 cards. Unfortunatly I don't have all the cards in this set.

In the first post, I showed some of the animation around the 7th International congress of Esperanto, that was held in the Belgian city 'Antwerp' (or : Antverpeno, in Esperanto).

Apparently there was a kind of cinderella stamp in use to promote the 7th International Congress.
I don't have that stamp in my collection, but I found it in the internet and I'm sharing it with you.

cinderella to promote the Esperanto congress - not in my posession
Well, back to the postcards...
There are many missing in my collection, but I'm sharing those I have.

Group photo after the Red Cross Performance - Card 4
card 13 - during the congress
View of the Gerneral  Assembly in the big hall of the Royal Zoological Garden in Antwerp
Card 20 - gathering after the convention with the international guests
Anyone who can provide me the other cards in this set, please contact me.


Esperanto amiko said...

Saluton! Mi havas la malnovan poštkarton laū la temo - Esperanto 10b - Belgian postcards: Card 9.-Grupo de Rusaj kongresanoj SEPA INTERNACIA KONGRESO DE ESPERANTO ANTVERPENO,Aūgusto 1911.

rainbowstampsandcoins.blogspot.com said...

saluton, kara samideano,
Se vi havas poštkarton 9, mi esperas ke vi povas sendi kopion al mi.