Sunday, December 4, 2011

Belgian banknotes King Albert I (part 5)

Some time ago I posted an overview of belgian banknotes issued under King Albert I.
More recently, I have talked about the single issues in individual posts.

Today I bring you the smallest note of the series : the 1 franc / 1 frank

Belgium - Krause n° 92

This banknote was issued in the 1920's and is in the same style as the other notes (5, 20, 100 and 1000 francs).
On the top, right from the middle, we find the printing dates.
These varie on many notes.
For collectors who search for printing dates, a great asset of course.

I don't have that many 1 franc notes, but still, I can show some of the printing dates :

twice 1920 - one time 1922
At the back of the note, there isn't much special. Of course, the 1 franc note is the lowest value of this set, so there isn't much special to put on it, as the note is quite small.(+/- 40 cm²).

Since the note is quite small, there's not place for a decent watermark. But the entire banknote is printed on paper with a certain watermark.
I tried to scan it with a backlight, but that's not easy with a normal scanner.
However I more or less succeeded in making a scan that allows you to recognise this watermark.

To make it more visible, I added some lines, so you can follow the pattern of wavy, flowerish lines.

Wavy lines as watermark on the entire banknote Krause Belgium n°92

Collecting is such an interessting hobby, isn't it :-)

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