Sunday, December 25, 2011

Theme : Angels 01

What better topic on Christmas day then my collection of "angels".

To understand about the celestial orders/hierarchy it is important to know exactly what an angel is. Briefly it can be described as: a spiritual being that is believed to be much more powerful than a human. In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God.

There are 9 orders of angels, starting with the 'angels' as the 12th (lowest) order, up to the Seraphins as the highest order. According more specialised information, there are even 3 higher levels then the Seraphins, and 3 lower levels (under the angels); although those last 3 (the confessors, the martyrs and the innocents) are not really counted to the 'angels'.
In this last group, the Saints, the Martyrs ... can be found.

The angels of the Twelfth Order of Angels are the messengers that commune with various life forms within the physical worlds.
These include also the Guardian Angels.
Angels are generally depicted with wings.
There are almost 400 angels. The I want to start with, is the angel Bahram.
Bahram is the angel of Victory.

Bahram, angel of Victory

A very nice example is a set from the Barbados Islands, who issued a set of stamps to commemorate the end of the first world war.
A set of 11 stamps were issued in 1920, depicting the angel of Victory.
The full set is quite expensive (both mint and postally used). But it's not my purpose here to show all stamps of this set.
This topic about 'angels' is more like a teaser for collectors who ran out of ideas for a thematic collection.

Barbados - Michel n° 110
Barbados - Michel n° 111
Barbados - Michel n° 112
... to be continued

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