Friday, December 30, 2011

Theme : Angels 03

Angels symbolising victory, or victory symbolised by an angel, is quite common.
At least on older stamps. Nowadays angels are not often depicted anymore on stamps.
Due to secularisation of the world, or because we don't think of angels in times of peace?

I found more nice examples of winged figures (angels I suppose) on stamps that refer to war, or victory after a war :

two greek airmail stamps, angel figure with laurel wreath

In my previous article i posted some Syrian stamps with the Greek godess Nike, without wings.
Her I have a similar stamp, this time with a winged person, holding a laurel wreath, and presumingly a tambourin at the left foot.
Syria (see angels 02) - winged person with laurel wreath
Another war scene, from Lithuania. In the background a winged person, holding a laurel wreath over the fighting soldiers.

Angel on a Lithuanian stamp

to be continued...

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