Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Theme : Angels 02

In my first post on 'angels', I depicted the angel of Victory, angel Bahram.
Sometimes the greek goddess Nike is used to symbolise 'Victory'.

depiction of Nike, Greek godess of Victory

As I presume, the greek gods and godesses had no wings, so the pictures are most likely a mixture between the greek godess and the angel of victory (Bahram).Angels can take on a variety of different forms. In Ezekiel 1:16-21, Isaiah 6:1-3, and throughout the book of Revelation they are described as taking on not only the appearance of men but many fantastical forms. 
A notable example was the angel who took on the appearance of a burning bush. The image of an angel with wings tends to symbolize the spiritual nature of the being. The purpose of the wings being to allow the angel to travel through the ether as well as being a symbol of divine authority. 

Angels appear to us with many forms and shapes. Many times the qualities of an Angel are so delicate that they choose female forms or even masculine bodies with female face characteristics. An Angel will appear to us with the form that is best for us. 

The angel of victory I found on various stamps however is clearly a female form. Maybe, after a brute (masculine) battle, a sweet period of comfort (female) is needed to make the balance?

angel with two laurel wreaths
angel of victory
Victory, symbolised by an armed angel

In Mexico, an angel of Victory was used to celebrate 100 years of human rights.
Another kind of battle that needed (and still needs) an angel to guide this achievement to victory.

angel of victory holding a laurel wreath

to be continued...

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