Sunday, December 11, 2011

Odd stamps : 04b 3D stamps (static)

It's been a while since I posted 'odd' stamps.
Since the year is ending, it's a nice time to share some 'oddies' as my early new year's gift.

I can imagine that 'Umm-al-Qiwain' isn't the most wanted country for stamp collector.
Being part of the United Arab Emirates, they don't issue their own stamps anymore. But until 1972, the stamps of this Emirate were indeed in use. From 1973 on all of the sultanats and emirates were joined into the United Arab Emirates and since then they issued their stamps under that name.
All 'Umm-al-Qiwain' stamps that were issued after 1973, are private issues.

But why 'Umm-al-Qiwain'? Except form dessert, oil, and expensive hotels, I can't imagine this state as being very touristic. Pardon me if it's really worth visiting; one can always learn something new.
From the philatelistic point of view, this Arab country isn't really a hot topic.

Umm al Qiwain - racecars 1971

In the early 70's; several countries emitted static 3D stamps. In fact it's a thick plastic stamp that gives the impression of a tridimentional image. Nature and cars are favourite topics to depict.

Umm al Qiwain - birds 1972

Umm al Qiwain - wildlife 1972 (1)
Umm al Qiwain - wildlife 1972 (2)

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