Sunday, December 11, 2011

Theme : Esperanto 10a - Belgian postcards

As I'm posting already so many stamps, ... some postcards for a change.
But of course, I will stick to my topic: Esperanto.

The cards I'm posting now are not just cards with 'Esperanto' on it, or a green star (verda stelo) somewhere in the corner. No it's a set of postcards issued for a special occasion.
In 1911 the seventh international Esperanto congress was held in Antwerp (Belgium).

On that occasion, a set of (at least) 20 postcards with Esperanto text were issued.

As the cards I have are without any stamp, it's not clear if they are really from 1911 or reprints of a later date.
The cards show scenes of the events in and around the congress area, where at the time, a lot of events took place in the city of Antwerp.
For example, the international Red Cross was present and showed the people their skills.
It's a bit funny to see them dressed in the old days' costumes, as they don't accelerate the speed of intervention.

I don't have the complete set, and I presume there are 20 different cards, so if anyone can help me finding the missing ones.... please let me know

Card 1 - Nurses of the Red Cross, in uniform
Cards 2 and 3 - role play, red cross in action
Card 16 - after the intervention of the Red Cross
Card 16 detail : "you certainly will get better, friend"

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