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Brazil : 01d Early issues - Dom Pedro II

In 1878, a two coloured stamp was issued.
Again a younger version of the emperor, since the beard appear more colourful then the previous emission.

There was only one stamp of this type in circulation, but the catalogue mentions 2 version, one on normal paper and one on very thin paper.
This last one was found much later, when the stamp was already redrawn from postal use.
Therefore, the 'thin' stamps are only found mint (some even without gum).

300 reis (scott 0078)
I'm skipping some stamps now, but I'll come back on them on my next posting.
First I'm showing the 1883 and 1884 issue, which was the last set of stamps depicting the emperor.

In 1883 two very similar stamps of 100 reis were printed (one in March, one in April).
Scott even mention 3 types of the stamp.
The difference is in the background behind the head of emperor Dom Pedro II.

scott 0090, type I and type II

Type I shows a background of horizontal lines

detail scott 0090 T I
Type II shows a background of diagonal crossed lines

detail scott 0090 T II

Type III shows a plain filled background (no pic)

The local brazilian catalogue doesn't mention this third variation, but in later reprints, in black, a third version indeed is mentionned. Maybe the plate that was used, wasn't very clean at the time of printing, so that the colour filled more or less the full background.
In the black reprint, this 'dirty'plate will be more responsible for the 'filled' background of this third stamp.

Finally, in 1884,  the last stamp depicting the emperor was emitted.
Again it's a 100 reis stamp, in the same, dull pink colour.
Now the emperor is shown a bit older again.

scott 0091

Next time, the stamps of 1881-88.

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