Friday, October 14, 2011

Brazil : 01c Early issues - Dom Pedro II

The series of stamps that were issued in 1876 (first percé series), were re-engraved in 1877.
The image of Dom Pedro II was altered, and we see a more mature picture of the emperor.
Only the 20 reis stamp has the same image as the previous series.

This set is called the 'white beard' set, as the emperor is depicted with a white beard.
There are 10 stamps in this set and altough they were printed without watermark, some stamps might have a vertical line as watermark, since they were printed by the American Bank Note Co.

One can find the stamps without perforation, but again beware of forgeries of perforations that might have been cut away!

10 reis

Scott : BR 0068

20 reis (I found 2 colour variations)

Scott : BR 0069
Scott : BR 0069

50 reis

Scott : BR 0070
Mark the detail in the left margin : .... Company. New York

80 and 100 reis

Scott : BR 0071
Scott : BR 0072

200 reis

Scott : BR 0073
300 reis

Scott : BR 0075
Not shown are the 260 (brown), 700 (red-brown) and 1000 reis (violet-grey); the 3 most expensive stamps in this set.

The 200 and 500 reis can be found on letters, cut into 2, to reach the postal fees.
Same, but very rare is one third of a 300 reis on a letter, again to pay for the 100 reis rate.
Only on letters can be seen if it's a realy postally used item.

Pairs, strips of 3 and blocks of 4 reach higher prices.

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