Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Theme : Zodiac signs 07

This time, I'll show some bogus coins.
Well they look pretty real, but they are fake. It's not like a fantasy coin, I guess the coins were minted to mislead collectors.

Let's have a look.

A very nice coin indeed, from Uganda.
And what's the currency in Uganda?
Shillings indeed, not lings-shil...

A quick look in the catalogue shows that there are no such coins.
Only Shilling-coins.
No misprint, no 'valuable' print error...
Just fake coins.

I got them from a very thrustworthy swapper, and I didn't notice the error right away.

So, if buying coins from eBay, or private coin sellers... always check the catalogues!
The chance of finding an very rare coin is still possible. But most of the time, such obvious misprints are there to cheat collectors. And for those who don't have a catalogue, just 'google' first, or ask me :-)

Oh, why I put this in 'theme : zodiac'...
of course the coins have a front side too...
They show the sings of the chinese zodiac signs :

monkey - ox - goat - horse - dragon - dog - tiger - snake - rooster - rabbit - rat and pig

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