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Brazil : 01a Early issues - Dom Pedro II

When Napoleon occupied Portugal, the Portugues royal famil Bragança, left for Brasil. John VI, ruled over Brasil, Portugal and the Algarve region. After Napoleons defeat, John VI became emperor of Brasil but Peter I, his son, became regent.
On september 1822, Brasil was declared independent, and Peter I took the emperial crown.
In 1831 he was succeeded by his son, Peter van Alcântara Johan Karel Leopold Salvator Bibianus Frans Xavier de Paula Leocadius Michaël Gabriël Rafaël Gonzaga of Bragança....
hmm... let's call him Dom Pedro II.

Dom Pedro II became emperor at the early age of 6 ! Peter I (Dom Pedro I) had to return to Portugal because his sister, Maria II of Portugal, had to deal with a civil war, back in Portugal.
At the age of 14 he was considered wise enough to become emperor and full leader of Brasil.
He remained head of state until 1889, after ruling Brasil for 58 year. after his abdication, Brasil became a republicDom Pedro II died two years later in Paris (France).

Dom Pedro II - age 22
Dom Pedro II - age 61

In 1866, the first stamps with the face of Dom Pedro II were issued.
Each stamp was printed in sheets of 100.

10 Reis
20 Reis

50 Reis
80 Reis

100 Reis
200 Reis

500 Reis
Many of these old stamps are damaged, unfortunatly.
Most stamps are issued on white paper, some have blue shades at the back, they are worth much more.
The most interesting stamp of this set, is the 100 (cem) reis.
There are 4 types known.

Some help on finding out which stamps you might have :
(ligeiramente) aberto = (slightly) open(ed)
fechado = closed
interrompida  = interrupted
única = single
duplas = double

Type 1
Type 1a

Type 1b (most expensive one)

Type 2

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