Friday, October 7, 2011

Brazil : 00 Early issues - Intro 1

It's easy to make a blog with stamps you find all around the internet.That's why I'm only posting stamps that are in my collection.
However, in this topic of Brazilian stamps, I can't skipp the 'most famous' of them all. I.e. the first series of stamps.
Secondly, there are so many forgeries among those stamps, that you almost need to be an expert to distinguish right from wrong.

The shown stamps are not mine, and were taken from the internet.
It's a small summary of the first sets, and some 'fine' examples of the fake items that are sold, or might be in your possession.

Brazil was the second country that issued stamps.
The black penny was issued in 1840, the first Brazilian stamp in 1843!

The design of the first brazilian issue, was inspired by banknotes issued by the Imperial Bank of Brazil before. Long time was assumed that the stamps were printed in London, as the notes were also printed by Perkins, Bacon & Company. However, in 1841 Brazilian customs authorities had confiscated an engraving printing press and that this press was used by the Brazilian Mint. By the end of December 1842, all necessary equipment was bought to allow the Mint to start producing their own stamps in Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil 1843 - real 'bullseye' stamps - internet picture
The typical round shaped design of the first stamps gave this issue the world know name of the 'bullseye' stamps (olhos de boi).
They were printed until 1844 and therefore relatively long in use. Genuine ones however are very expensive and only few collectors have 'real' copies.

In 1890 an 1891, a lilac reprint was made.
Brazil bullseye reprint  - real - internet picture

The second issue is called the 'goat eye' (or also 'snake eye'), but because of the itallic printint of the numbers, brazilians prefer to call them "inclinados".

I have some 'inclinados' in my collection but probably all fake.
Real stamps are clearly printed, lines are complete, and not blurry.
Some forgeries are such bad copies that they are easy to recognise. Other are way more difficult to distinguish.
internet picture - real brazilian 'inclinado'
internet picture - real brazilian 'inclinado'
internet picture - real brazilian 'inclinado'

internet picture - fake 'inclinado'
internet picture - fake 'inclinado'

internet picture - fake 'inclinados'

internet picture - fake 'inclinados'

internet picture - fake 'inclinado'

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