Friday, October 7, 2011

Brazil : 00 Early issues - Intro 2

The third famous series and the fourth ones are similar.

The 'italic' design was 'straightened' and therefore this set is known as the 'verticals' (verticais).
Another name for this 1850 issue, is the 'cat-eye' series; after oxes and goats (or snakes), this is a more gentle name.

As there are numerous forgeries, I took some examples of the stamps, found on internet.

real 'verticais'
fake 'verticais' ?
fake 'verticais' ?

The last set in this 'intro' are similar to the third set, but more colourful.
No wonder they are called the 'coloridos'.
a real 'colorido'
Again here, lots of forgeries are found.
Original stamps have a clear design, no blurry lines, but an expert eye is needed to find the real stamps among the 'better' forgeries.

fake 'coloridos'
fake or disputed 'verticais' and fake 'coloridos'

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