Monday, August 8, 2011

Theme : Tintin (Kuifje) - 05

Belgium has a history of railwaystamps that is more then unique. They were used until 1987 for parcel post.
After that date, regular stamps could be used for sending parcels.
In 2003 a new type of stamp was introduced for parcel post: "Kilopost", stamps without facial value, only mentionning the weight of the parcels. Going from half a kilogram upt ot 30 kg.

However, the Belgian Railways Company (NMBS/CFNB), emitted after 1987, and until now, labels that look like belgian stamps. Face value is printed in Euro, but those 'stamps' only are emitted in benefit of the B-holding (the new logo of the Belgian Railways).
On top of that, all those labels are extremely exensive. Labels of 3, 4, 5 euro, are no exeptions.

Yet, and that's why I'm posting it here, in 2007 a souvenir sheet was dedicated to Hergé, the father of Tintin.
The sheet came in two versions, one numbered 1 - 4200 (very rare and expensive) and a "cheaper" version without numbering.(30.000 copies).

You will not find it in a regular catalogue, as they are just labels, without any postal value.
Cancelled versions are CTO, since they can't be used for parcel post.
Still despites of all non-arguments, it's a piece worth having in my collection.
But for once, I don't mind being cheated by the postal services.

the sheet, with an € 8,50 label

a specially designed envelop

signature of Hergé on the envelop

B - HOLDING ... NOT the belgian postal services!

The Tintin "stamp"


Anonymous said...

So, what is the B stamp valid for? What can you post with it? And to where? said...

Until 1987 Belgium issued 'railwaystamps', stamps used to send parcels by train.
From 1987, regular stamps can be used to send parcels, or special 'kilo-post' labels can be obtained at the postoffices.
The holding of the belgian railways NMBS, however, keeps on issuing so called railway(stamp)labels, without any postal value. Those labels can't be used for anything, and are issued to raise money for the railway holding.