Monday, July 25, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 08

Liberia isn't the first country that pops my mind when it comes to Volkswagen Beetle.
However, Liberia is a country that pops my mind when it comes to lots and lots of stamps, in order to get funds.
In that perspect, it's not my favourite country, but the stamps and sheets that were emitted by Liberian post are very very nice.
I agree, it's a way of ripping of the theme collector (such as me), but on the other hand, the stamps aren 't bogus issues, so they fit into my ('any') collection.
set 1
set 2
Of course the main reason why I got this set, of course, was because of the Volkswagen Beetle stamp.
The set has actually 2 subsets with each a different style. The only common thing on the issue, is the theme: ancient cars.
On one of the sets, a 1950 Volkswagen Beetle is depicted. In the background the VW-logo is shown.

On top of this beautiful stamp, a small souvenirsheet was emitted as well.
Here we find a 1979 Convertible Volkswagen Beetle.
The design shows the Convertible Beetle from the side. Funny detail is the licence plate of the car, that starts with VW.The souvenir sheet is also the key value of the set.

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