Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To be or not to be : CTO - The difficult ones 04 c

Scandinavian countries are very much in demand, at least for european collectors. They are well known for having superb designs, high quality engraved stamps. And also a wel tempered issuing program.
And therefor it's unlikely to have CTO stamps from those countries.
Yet, they do exists, unfortunatly.

If you don't mind having artificially cancelled stamps in your collection, you might like the following examples.
For me, I rahter avoid them in my collection. But sometimes (like for souvenir sheets, blocks, ...) it's the only way to get them in your collection.

A small selection :

Sweden - CTO cancel with gum
Exhibition cancel - stockholmia 1.7.1955
Sweden souvenir sheets - perfect cancellation, but CTO
Sweden souvenir sheets - perfect cancellation, but CTO

Denmark blocks of 4 - CTO cancel

Denmpark booklet of 10 - CTO cancel

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