Monday, August 29, 2011

Theme : Tintin (Kuifje) 06

On the day of this posting, August 29, 2011, a brand new sheetlet is issued by the belgian postal services.
Dedicated to the most famous Belgian ever.
Yes Tintin (Kuifje) is Belgian.

Since Spielberg decided to make a movie (or even a couple of movies) dedicated to 'our' hero, the hype only gets bigger.
The issued sheet is also dedicated to Tintin on the (television) screen and shows us a set of 10 different stamps with pictures taken from the albums or from the televisionseries or movies from the past.

The first line shows us two pics from the album : The Crab with the Golden Claws 
(album 1941 and animated movie 1947)
Second line, shows us an excerpt from the album : The black rocks
(album 1938 and animated movie 1961)

Third line is taken from two movies : The secret of the golden fleece (1961) and  The blue oranges (1964)

Second last line came from the very popular album : Tintin and the prisoners of the sun
(album 1949 - movie 1969)

Finally, the last line refers to the album : The blue lotus (album 1936 - animated movie 1991)



I have some Tintin items too

Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...

these Tintin stamps are beautiful.
If you have stamps/coins or even banknotes with Tintin, let me know.